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Scholarship Opportunities

 In 2017, NFVFW received a four year FEMA Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant to assist volunteer fire departments. Program elements include:
•  Free training for students obtaining their Firefighter I certification
•  Free PPE for newly certified volunteers
•  Reimbursement for medical exams for newly certified volunteers
•  Recruitment & Retention Workshops to provide volunteer fire service leaders with new tools and techniques
•  Support for localized, custom recruitment and retention campaigns
•  Firefighter I Practical Skills sign-off training assistance


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Volunteer Training Scholarships

To help new volunteers obtain their Firefighter I certification, the training scholarship funds expenses to attend one of the following courses:
   • Skills Task Book Sign-off (Wednesday – Friday)
   • Live Fire Evolutions (Friday – Sunday)
   • S130/S190/L180 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Scholarship Process:
1. Register for one of the courses listed above
2. Fill out and submit scholarship application completed by both volunteer and chief (below)
3. After approved, book lodging in Niceville (funded by the SAFER grant)
4. Attend training in September
5. Submit reimbursement form for the following:
   • Mileage
   • Per diem
   • Lost wages for week-day training
6. Complete Firefighter I Certification by January 24, 2020
7. Email or fax a copy of certificate

Scholarship Application (To attend one of the above training courses):

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PPE Scholarships

By attending training at NFVFW and successfully completing Firefighter I Certification, volunteers will be eligible to receive a complete set of personal protective equipment (pants, coat, helmet, boots, gloves and hood).

Process to Obtain Free PPE:
1. Register for one of the following training courses at the Northwest Florida Volunteer Firefighter Weekend
   • Skills Task Book Sign-off
   • Live Fire Evolutions
   • S130/S190/L180
2. Fill out and submit PPE scholarship application completed by both volunteer and chief (below)
3. Attend training in September
4. Visit PPE vendor during weekend training event, measurements will be recorded
5. Complete Firefighter I Certification
6. Email or fax a copy of certificate
7. A PPE voucher will be sent to volunteer/chief to obtain gear from vendor

Free PPE may also be available to those attending Skills Task Book Sign-off and/or Live Fire Evolutions during Volunteer Week at the Florida State Fire College, please contact NFVFW for more information.

PPE Scholarship Application (Now Available):

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NFPA 1582 Medical Exam Reimbursement

By successfully completing Firefighter I Certification, volunteers/departments will be eligible to receive reimbursement (up to $150) for required medical exam.  You do not have to attend one of the Council’s sponsored training events.    

Reimbursement Process:
1. Successfully Complete Firefighter I Certification
2. Fill out and submit medical scholarship application completed by both volunteer and chief (below)
Email or fax copy of Firefighter I certificate and copy of medical exam receipt

Medical Scholarship Application (Now Accepting Applications)

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Recruitment & Retention Workshop Scholarship

The next SAFER-funded Retention & Recruitment Workshop (IAFC Beyond Hoses & Helmets) will be offered September 19 – 20, 2020. The workshop is open to all volunteer fire service leaders across the southeast. The workshop is FREE and travel/lodging expenses and per diem to attend the workshop will be reimbursed.

Scholarship information will be emailed to you after registration.  

Florida Firefighter I Task Book Skills Sign-Off’s Assistance

To assist with the completion of the Florida Firefighter I Task Book, the NFVFW can provide up to two certified fire instructors at no charge to a host agency . For more information on this program, email Patrick Garvey at:

CLICK HERE for a link to a worksheet that can be used by Volunteer Fire Departments to record training that will enable the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (Florida State Fire College) to issue an updated Volunteer Firefighter Certification that will reflect 206 hours of training completed.