Niceville, FL 32578, USA

Conduct Policy

The Northwest Florida Volunteer Firefighter Weekend Council has partnered with the Florida State Fire College, and we have adopted their student standards of conduct policy.

The dress code is designed to be practical but appropriate to reflect professional image and pride. Attire such as shorts, open-toed shoes, tank tops, vented shirts and cutoff jeans are considered informal wear, unacceptable for the classroom, and should be restricted to after-hour leisure activities. Clothing with offensive images and slogans is unacceptable, and hats are not to be worn while indoors. There may be additional clothing requirements for certain courses, which will be communicated by conformation letter.

Please remember that you are guests in the community and your conduct is a reflection on the entire fire service, and your organization. All students are asked to appropriately conduct themselves during class sessions and after-hours. Disruptive students may be asked to leave. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any facilities used by the Northwest Florida Volunteer Firefighter Weekend Council.